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Our Manifestation Support Tools (Infused with Prayers of Blessings/Respective Candles, Oils & Herbs for each type) serves as a powerful manifestation tool to help bring our wishes and heart desires to life with an open heart, positive attitude & prayers. Remember, God is the source and center. The Universe is always listening and waiting on you to tap into your greatest potential in different areas of your life through manifestation and believing. If your beliefs are similar to Christian or Catholic beliefs, or you have a foundation or background in that, You can start by saying, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost”. This really helps to set the atmosphere for your work/prayer. If you are Muslim or any other religion, feel free to pray according to your beliefs, or however your heart leads you. 

If you have questions or need extra help, whether Counseling, or a booster for your work, follow up with me on my website through the contact page. PRODUCTS ARE NOT TO BE CONGESTED. Thank You and God Bless You All.

The 7 Day Manifestation Support Tool Box & the Spiritual Baths/Cord Cutting Box  which comes in different sizes. (VERY POWERFUL).

First package consists of a big 7 day candle jar, a bag of herbs, a bag of oil, holy water & palo santo, and another bag of sand and sea salt. Most of these types of boxes come exactly this way, while some are a bit different (with extras) so use your discretion. For example, the “Success that Defy All Odds” Manifestation Support Tool Box, contains other sweeteners in its bag of sand and sea salt. When you are ready to start, you first cleanse the space with holy water (if you don’t like the smell of smoke) or burn palo santo or a combination of both, then you remove all plastic wraps or fire hazard warning stickers (if applicable) on the 7 day candle jar, then you write your intentions on the candle, or write your petition (cut off all sides and sharp edges of the clear paper if you’re using a petition) & place petition under “glass” candles only. You can also set your intentions in your mind. Then, you make a circle of protection around the candle by pouring out the sand and sea salt mix in a circular motion, surrounding the candle. You can use it all, and you can save some for a spiritual bath later. You then pour the oil and everything in it into the candle, then you open the bag of herbs, take some and put it in the candle but make sure the herbs aren’t all over the wick so try to move the herbs away to the sides as much as you can, then, you surround the candle with the rest of the herbs. Then you start your prayer, and pour your heart and desires out. Keep in mind that this work is already VERY POWERFUL as it’s already Blessed & Activated for you, giving you a very strong backing and support. However, you still need to set your intentions. You can burn this straight through the days without interruptions only if you are able to keep an eye on it. If not, you can burn it in a pattern that works for you, through the days. Pay attention to the way your candle burns, there are messages in that. If you use a petition, and you wonder how you discard it, just burn it and tell God to accept it as a sweet smelling savor to his nostrils. Then, go blow the ashes outside, and know that “it is done”, “and so it is”, “blessed be”, Amen. If you ordered for the Spiritual Bath Box, pour the potpourris, the sand, sea shell and cowry mix and some rose water in the tub or bucket you use. You can keep a little rose water left for energetic cleansing, and to draw in love and positive energies later. Then you light your candles around the tub. If your box comes with “Black Soap infused with lemon”, you then use that to wash your body. If your order includes a cord for “cord cutting”, you can do both cord cutting and spiritual cleansing bath at the same time or you can choose to take your bath without doing a cord cutting. It depends on what you wish to do. If you choose to do cord cutting as well, take some of the sand & shell mix and surround the tied candles (leave 3 inches apart) with it. God bless!