Da Yoruba goddess (Tarot Deck).

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Introducing "Da Yoruba Goddess" tarot deck. In
order to gain the best experience while using
this deck, we recommend that you are either
an intermediate or an experienced reader
based on the creative design of this deck.
However, if you are a new reader, kindly use
google to your advantage, and also make sure
that you read further through the cards in
order to better understand this deck. Also, we
encourage all readers to check out our book
series "The Supreme gods and goddesses of
Yoruba Land" and "Inspirational Yoruba
Proverbs for our daily lives" which were both
created to compliment this deck and help you
gain a better understanding on the Yoruba
culture, Yoruba proverbs and how our Yoruba
gods and goddesses came about. In these
books, You also gain many insights and divine
wisdom which helps you as well in navigating
through your readings. I pray you are all
inspired by this. May the Almighty God bless You All.

Rev. Dr. Taiwo O. Bola, PhD.